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Zebra 30 glass marbles for mosaics 9/16" spherical

Zebra 30 glass marbles for mosaics 9/16 inch spherical
Price: $2.80

Toy Glass Marbles are imported from Mexico and are sold in bags of 30 marbles. They are marbled with bright swirling colors and most varieties are opaque. The marbles are spherical, not flat like glass gems, and the size is approximately 9/16" (16mm). Size can vary by manufacturer batch, +/- 20%. (Some batches run large, while others run small.)

For mosaic work, the marbles are best used in mosaic stepping stones and other applications where the pieces are pressed into wet concrete, although the marbles should be pressed in securely flush with the surface and not used in excess quantities to avoid a slip hazard. The marbles can be glued to a flat surface, but a thick and tarry adhesive like Liquid Nails brand or thinset bonding mortar (sticky concrete) would be needed so that the marbles don't slip out during grouting. You would also need to make sure that your other tiles were about as thick as the marbles or use thinset to account for the differences in tile thickness. We discourage cracking marbles because it generates too much waste, and the pieces can be quite sharp.

  • Dimensions: nominally 9/16" (16mm), but can vary by batch +/- 20%
  • Frost-proof, impervious to moisture.*
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.*

    *Keep in mind that these aren't officially certified by the manufacturer as building material, but they are inert glass, and should be durable for use anywhere glass tile could be used.

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    For advice on how to glue and grout these mosaic tiles, please see our Mosaic FAQs or our Online Mosaic Instructions Guide.


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