Royal Blue NUMBER Tile Set

Royal Blue Ceramic Number Tile Set
Price: $6.24

Royal Blue Ceramic Number Tile Sets are sheets that contain 5/8 inch high Arial numbers that can be snapped apart by hand to yield individual embossed number tiles. These tiles allow an artist to quickly insert numbers into mixed-media mosaic projects. Proudly made by CowTown Ceramics in the USA from local clay. We also have their Ceramic Letter Tile Sets.

Glazed Ceramic Tile In Mosaic Art

Preventing Freeze Damage

Glazed ceramic materials are particularly susceptible to freeze damage, as are all porous materials. There are micro cracks in the glaze that allow moisture to penetrate into the pores of the ceramic and then freeze, expand and crack the material. This can be minimized by sealing your FINISHED mosaic with multiple applications of a tile and grout sealer from the local building material store. You can also prevent this damage by bringing you stepping stones and mosaic lawn sculptures inside for the winter months.

Product Coverage

This product is not sold for area coverage, but there is about 7 square inches of total material, which is broken up an used as individual numbers. Each numeral is repeated three times on the sheet.


Tile thickness is just under 1/4 inch. The specimens measured were 7/32 inch thick, but this could vary by manufacturer batch, possible +/- 1/32 inch. The thickness is actually ideal because most of our glass mosaic tile is about 1/8 inch (4mm), so the numbers will stick out above this, giving the surface of your mosaic texture and dimension.

Cutting Tile

These are not made to be cut. Instead, they are snapped apart with a gloved hand. Use a straight edge such as a ruler or the edge of a table to make sure the sheet breaks cleanly in the flashing between the numbers. Otherwise you might have jagged breaks that damage the numbers.

Product Specifications

  • American made from local clay.
  • glazed ceramic.
  • Arial font.
  • thickness: 7/32 inches nominal.
  • height: 5/8 inches.
  • width: varies by number.
  • sheets may arrive with some numbers already snapped off but still usable.

Use in Mosaic Art

As discussed above, sealing with a tile and grout sealer is important for preventing freeze damage. When broken free from the sheets, the numbers will still be surrounded with some flat material at the base. This is flash from the mold/dye used to press the sheet and does not have to be removed. It should be covered with grout as intended when the mosaic is grouted.

More Information

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or our List of How-To-Mosaic Pages, which are topic specific.

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