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Rough Jasper Kambamba 1/2 lb

Rough Jasper Kambamba Shards 1/2 lb
Price: $3.43
Rough Minerals are unpolished rocks and minerals for authentic reproductions and original high-end mosaic work. The materials in the category are best used in mixed-media mosaics with other found objects and should be attached with thinset for best results. Thinset is a sticky concrete that can be used both for attachment and grouting. Thinset also helps hold and position materials with rounded bottoms such as the minerals in this category.

Don't expect the rough minerals to be attached or grouted the same way as flat tiles. For example, you can't smear grout across the face of these materials because they are either porous or pitted or jagged. TIP: We don't grout mixed-media mosaic of this type. Instead, we press into a layer of thinset of about 1/4" to 1/2" thick and then fill any remaining voids with thinset in a cake decorating bag. These mineral rocks will add texture to an otherwise perfectly flat surface. Order with confidence if your project can tolerate variance in range of size and shape.

Sold in 1/2 lb bags, roughly 5 to 7 pieces, but this will vary depending on the size of each piece, as no two are exactly alike.

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For advice on how to glue and grouting, please see our Mosaic FAQs or our Online Mosaic Instruction Guide.


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