Online Mosaic Instructions Guide

Reviews of online mosaic instructions, design ideas, mosaic forums and tutorials

[Note from Joe Moorman. This page was organized by one of my interns and needs to be updated. -JM 3/2/2013]

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Beginners Tips And Information
Thorough notes and a glossary from a beginners' mosaic class with info on methods, design, glue, and grout.
An informative article on mosaic technique and how it has remained similar to ancient mosaic technique. Gives a brief overview of mosaic materials and mosaic opus. A good article to read for what it offers in succinct background info on mosaic art.
Great set of beginner tips and info on surface preparation, adhesives, grouting, equipment, methods of working, finishing techniques, plus good links.

Coaster, An Illustrated Guide
This illustrated guide for a simple coaster has photos and instructs readers to draw the pattern. The steps can be applied to any mosaic project, not just coasters.

Cutting China
Tips on cutting china plates in different methods. Leponitt Cutters Demo1 and Leponitt Cutters Demo2 take you to illustrated guides on cutting plates depending on which parts of the pattern you wish to preserve.

Mosaic Help Page
Tips on glue, grout, bases, and long list of instructions.

Cutting And Scoring Glass
A video on scoring glass, the first step in cutting glass for mosaics. Demonstrtes how to use a glass cutter to score stained glass.

General Mosaic Instructions
Branching out from the very general "How to Make Mosaics" written tutorial are links to more specific aspects of mosaic, like pages on tracing paper, tiles and tesserae guide and how to lay tile. Not many photographs but plenty of useful info.
A list of tips in article style with no diagrams on: direct method, how to mosaic a pot, installing face-mounted glass tile, choosing a grout color, how to cut tile and more.

Installing Tile Guide

installing tile guide
This guide looks like it could be useful, but there doesn't seem to be any written instructions on the page.

Joy Of Shards Mosaic Instructions
This links to The Joy of Shards' instructions for a broken plate mosaic: professional, image-guided instructions for making a pique assiette mosaic house number plate by the direct method. Explore for many more illustrated and guided projects and ideas. This is one of the best mosaic resources for more project ideas, tutorials and mosaic guidance.

Mosaic Artist Online Communities
A magazine "devoted to celebrating the rich art of contemporary mosaics." Contains exploratory and educational articles. The Artist Gallery features exceptional works from international mosaic artists.
This site has a great collection of resources, a mosaic gallery and archived posts. Read the current post FYI or use the search box to find specific information, the archives, cloud menu or click previous entries at the bottom of the page.
This mosaic artist index has a list of 100s of artists, most with websites linked from the site. Great resource of inspiration!
This is a truly great database of images from mosaic artists. Search, sort and view mosaic art from a huge catalog of work with the website's convenient drop-down menu that sorts by type of piece or materials used. Great for finding work similar to your upcoming project to look at for guidance and ideas.

Mosaic How-To's
A list of how-to's on ahesives, grout, nipping, surfaces, using a tile grid and more.

mosaic design
A site with helpful tables exhibiting different methods to laying down the tesserae, known as the "opus." Site has grid tables of various mosaic opus, which can help create the flow or look of a mosaic piece.

Mosaic Patterns
Free mosaic designs ideas and patterns with simple explanations on how to find a pattern, trace it and get started in transferring the image into tiles.
This online mosaic supplier has a few free mosaic patterns that might be good for a beginner who wants a guided project to practice with, maybe in order to prepare for a larger independent project. The apple pattern might be useful for practice working with odd shaped surfaces.

Mosaic Projects, Guided
HGTV's online catalog of projects. This links to a dining table, but explore the site and find a huge jackpot of mosaic projects and detailed instructions with photos from HGTV.

glass mosaic tile art
The particular project linked here is a very comprehensive 8 pages and uses indirect method on mesh. The impressive attention to detail and emphasized the importance on preparation make it worthwhile to check back for upcoming projects of the month.

Mosaic Resource Sites, Indepth
"Cole Sonafrank's Stained Glass Stepping Stone Mosaic Mortar Material Matters: For those folks who want to mix their own high quality stained glass mosaic mortars and grouts rather than use expensive products..."
Explore this site for much much more technical detail than anyone may ever need on mosaics.

Online Mosaic Tools

virtual mosaic maker
Make a mosaic online using this tool: an online game that allows you to click squares on a grid and apply different colors to boxes to simulate the act of creating a mosaic. Site also has some historical info on Roman mosaics.

Plastic Mosaics
Make mosaic with old plastic (credit cards). Good idea for practiciing mosaic technique for anyone new to the art or for when short on tiles, wanting to work with something different.

Stained Glass
This site has very thorough instructions for stained glass using both the direct and indirect methods. The site covers all the tools and materials one might use, does not limit you in any way with what is required for this specific project. Leaves a lot of room for choice while giving ample info for creating a piece. follows with reference list of mosaic books.
Inland Craft's guide on how to do stained glass with illustrated instructions and more links on other intersecting subjects.

Documents the progress on a round tabletop mosaic: a four-page guide with photos and explanations for each step. Emphasizes the importance of planning and measuring.

Videos On Mosaics
A bottle cap mosaic tutorial video. The folk art tradition of making art with bottle caps is taken further and explained here.

ehow drawing mosaic patterns
A video on drawing mosaic patterns. It is part of a series of videoes that can be found from this page on several subjects, such as how to glue and shape tile.
A video explaining an interesting art project, the making of a mosaic quilt, from an Expert Village series, "How to Make Tile Mosaics & Patterns."

ehow mosaic design
A video series on finding materials, breaking materials, gluing, grouting, and cleaning. Uses shells, marbles, plates and other materials one can find around the house or easily source them.

mosaic glass
A comprehensive video collection for mosaic glass art.