Denim Shop Apron

Heavy Duty Denim Shop Apron
Price: $17.81

The Heavy-Duty Denim Shop Apron can be used to help protect clothing while cutting tile, grouting and clean up. At the studio, we use aprons with long-sleeve shirts while cutting large amounts of tile (if the temperature and humidity aren't too high). We leave the long-sleeve shirts unbuttoned like a lab coat. When we take breaks, we remove the long-sleeve shirt and aprons off. That way our clothing stays free from cutting slivers and dust that occasionally pop onto your cloths when you cut tile for a long period.

Product Specifications

  • one heavy-duty denim apron with neck loop and tie straps

When To Use This Tool

The denim apron is worn when cutting large amounts of tile or mixing and applying grout. Wearing the apron with an unbuttoned long-sleeve shirt provides extra protection, but both are optional when it is hot. We use a shop vac and brush to dust off our clothing during summer months instead of wearing aprons and overclothing.


After we are done grouting, we rinse out any concrete smears outside in our back yard with the hose. The back yard is also where we clean the mosaic tools, grouting sponge and bucket. (Excess grout could kill grass or plants, so scoop up what you can and dispose in the trash and wash away what is left.) We are careful not to rinse concrete down drains for obvious reasons, including the drains of washing machines.

Do not pour left over grout or grout sludge down plumbing or drains. Grout is concrete and can harden under water. Even sand can clog drains. Instead, pour your grout and grout water into an old plastic container. After it hardens, you can pour off the water and dispose what is left as solid waste.


The denim apron can be considered a piece of safety equipment because it helps keep your clothing free from cutting slivers and grout dust.

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