Cutting Mosaic Tile

Mosaic Tile is cut with a specific tool based on the type of material.

Using the wrong tool wastes a lot of tile and is dangerous.

Never use a regular tile nipper on glass. Too much tile will be crushed and wasted.

Never use a wheeled mosaic glass cutter on ceramics and dinnerware, some off which are among the hardest materials known to science. The wheeled blades can shatter and snap violently.

Safety Glass with side shields should be worn when cutting mosaic tile. Other people in the area should DEFINITELY wear safety glasses as well. Chips tend to fly away from the tool and out towards any people facing it.

GLASS MOSAIC TILE is cut with a wheeled Mosaic Glass Cutter.

CERAMIC MOSAIC TILE and CHINA are cut with a Tile Nipper.

MARBLE, STONE, PORCELAIN, AND HARD DINNERWARE can be cut using a Compound Tile Nipper.

STAINED GLASS can be cut into long straight pieces and complex curved shapes with a Pistol Grip Cutter and snapped with Running Pliers.

STAINED GLASS can be cut into small irregular rectangles and triangles for tile with a Mosaic Glass Cutter.

CHINA and SHEETS OF STAINED GLASS can be broken up by wrapping in an old newspaper or magazine and hitting with a Chipping Hammer, which has tapered heads for more controlled breaks and less waste by crushing at the site of impact.

Cutting mosaic tile produces sharp edges, jagged edges and edges that just don't look right.
The edges are smoothed with either
a Ceramic and Marble File (for hard materials)
or a Dual Grit Rubbing Stone (better for ceramic tile).