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Chalk C02 unglazed porcelain mosaic tile
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Chalk C02 Lyric™ Unglazed Porcelain Mosaic Tile has solid color throughout. Porcelain is much harder and more durable than ordinary ceramic tile, and it is impervious to liquids and frost-resistant. Lyric is suitable for floor mosaics indoor and out. Some colors are mounted on removable paper. Others are available loose. THE NEW FACTORY HAS BEEN VERY SLOW TO PRODUCE INVENTORY, SO COLORS CAN RUN OUT OF STOCK FOR LONG PERIODS. MAKE SURE YOU ORDER ENOUGH FOR YOUR PROJECT NOW. DO NOT ASSUME YOU CAN ORDER MORE LATER.

Availability of Porcelain Tile

We are planning to continue selling Lyric and are NOT discontinuing it, but we are sometimes having trouble restocking colors when they sell out. Our website shouldn't allow you to order any quantities not in stock, so you don't have to email us to check availability, but order everything you need now in case we sell out later.

The economic downturn and housing collapse of 2008 closed the original factory that was producing the Lyric unglazed porcelain. The replacement factory hasn't yet produced a consistent supply or all the original colors yet. We are hoping this changes as the economy recovers, but we have little to no visibility in the process or expectations as to when this might happen. In practical terms, this means you shouldn't plan projects in the future using this product if you aren't buying the tile NOW. You could always come back to our website later and find that a key color you need has sold out for the foreseeable future.

Never Install Tile in Batches

Tile varies by manufacturer batch, and sometimes a color will go out of stock for an extended period if the manufacturer isn't making it. You should never install tile before you are sure that you have all the tile you need. You could attempt to order more and find that the manufacturer has changed the color or discontinued it.

Product Coverage

Some colors are sold loose in 1/2-pound bags of approximately 65+ tiles.
Other colors are available on removable paper sheets of 75 tiles, which covers 1/3 square foot.
Assuming a standard grout gap of approximately 1/16 inch, 225 tiles will cover 1 square foot.


These tiles are NOMINALLY 3/4 inch, but the actual dimension is more like 0.73 inch, while the actual dimension of glass mosaic tile is more like 0.79 inch. That means you probably would not want to make a mosaic that combined whole tile of both types. Also, the unglazed porcelain is not glossy like glass, so there would be differences in sheen or finish.

Cutting Tile

This product is not soft like glazed ceramic tile. Porcelain is extremely hard, but it can be cut. Our compound tile nipper is recommended for hard materials like stone and porcelain. A marble file is also useful for smoothing the edges of cuts and shaping the pieces.

Product Specifications

  • fine porcelain with solid color throughout.
  • no bevel or taper at the edge. This makes the smaller pieces cut from whole tiles more useful.
  • Each tile is 18.5 mm x 18.5 mm x 4.3 mm thick (approximately 0.73 inch x 0.73 inch x 0.17 inch)
  • NOMINAL Dimensions: 3/4 inch x 3/4 inch x 1/8 inch.
  • Coverage: 225 tiles will cover 1 square foot when using a standard grout gap of approximately 1/16 inch.
  • Frost-proof, impervious to liquid.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


For architectural installations, the manufacturer recommends that the porcelain tile be installed with a latex-modified thin set mortar instead of glue. For dry indoor mosaics, we use Weldbond glue.

Porcelain tile is unglazed, so IN THEORY its surface can be stained by grout. However, no one has ever reported Lyric being stained by grout in the way that tumbled stone and unglazed ceramic and seashells can be stained. This is because porcelain is essentially non-porous and impervious to moisture. Still, we recommend pre-sealing the tile before grouting:

  1. Mount the tiles to the surface to be covered.
  2. Use a rag or small artists paint brush to apply tile and grout sealer to the face of the tiles.
  3. Take care not to drip excess sealer in between the tiles or down the sides of the tiles or any place grout will need to bond.

More Information

For more information on how to design mosaics and use tile to create artwork, see our page of Frequently Asked Questions
or our List of How-To-Mosaic Pages, which are topic specific.

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