3/8-Inch Mini

3/8-inch mini vitreous and metallic glass mosaic tile by Hakatai® and Kaleidoscope® plus mini tile assortments are affordable and great for applications where the artist would like to avoid cutting. However, sharp edges may still be present due to an occasional broken or chipped tile. Scroll down to see more varieties or read about how to use 3/8-inch tile for children's craft projects.

3/8-inch Mini Vitreous Glass Mosaic Tile Hakatai
3/8-inch mini vitreous glass mosaic tile in half-pound bags of approximately 320 tiles.
3/8-inch mini vitreous glass mosaic tile by Kaleidoscope
3/8-inch mini vitreous glass mosaic tile mounted on removable paper sheets of 81 tiles.
Glass Mosaic Tile 3/8" Mini Vitreous Assortments
Our 3/8-inch mini tile assortments come loose in bags of approximately 320 or 640 tiles.
3/8-inch metallic glass mini tiles by Aventurine
3/8-inch metallic glass mini tiles by Aventurine come in half-pound bags of approximately 320 tiles.
3/8-inch metallic glass mini tile Aura brand
3/8-inch mini metallic glass mosaic tile Aura brand temporarily face-mounted on paper sheets of 81 tiles.

Children's Mosaic Craft Projects

We receive school, church and camp project questions every week, so we know how to make things easy and help you save money. The 3/8-inch vitreous tile is recommended when cutting is to be avoided, but keep in mind that the 3/4-inch size is cheaper and can easily be cut into quarters that are the same size as the 3/8-inch tile.

Supervision and Safety

All children should be given adequate adult supervision. Wear safety glasses with side shields when cutting glass or mixing grout. Note that it is often easiest to grout the children's mosaics for them outside the class or session for several reasons. First, the glue needs to dry a day or two before you grout. Also grouting is the messy and mildly hazardous part, and the focus of the children's work should be the creation of their own unique design and gluing the tiles. Many instructors report having some of the older children help with some of the labor of grouting with great success, but all agree that having an entire class play with wet concrete is a bad idea, especially with young children. Always read manufacturer's safety instructions on grout and glue. Keep in mind that even whole glass tile can be sharp due to occasional chips and breaks that occur with shipping and handling.

How to Save Money on Mosaic Projects


Grout can be purchased cheaply in large bags at building material stores. Our packages are small convenience packs for individual projects, and they require a shipping charge.

Mosaic Backers

A popular project for church and camp mosaics is a 6-inch x 6-inch mosaic trivet. The best backer for 6x6 trivets is 1/2-inch cabinet-grade plywood which comes pre-sanded. You can buy a sheet of plywood and skill saw to cut it much more cheaply than you could buy the expensive backers from one of the craft websites! Ask one of the parents or a friend if they could cut up the plywood. Someone probably already has a saw and a truck to pick up the plywood.


Instead of buying a separate bottle of glue for each child, you should buy a half-gallon or gallon and pour a little bit for each child in a styrofoam plate. They can use popsicle sticks to apply the glue.

More Information

For more information on how to design mosaics and use tile to create artwork, see our page of Frequently Asked Questions or our List of How-To-Mosaic Pages, which are topic specific.