Our New Website Design

Yes, this is Mosaic Art Supply. We are redesigning our website for mobile devices. Please let us know if you experience any problems shopping or checking out.

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Glass Penny Rounds Are Extra Thick

We now have Glass Penny Rounds in 20mm (3/4 inch) and Glass Penny Rounds in 12mm (1/2 inch). These are 50% thicker than most of our glass mosaic tile, so they can stick out and provide a small amount of texture to your mosaic. These are a great alternative to glass gems because they are opaque with more intense colors, and they are more consistent in size.

glass penny rounds 20mm

Better Quality Smalti At Better Prices

Our new Mud Turtle Mosaic Smalti is now in stock. We selected this manufacturer based on how well the material cuts, producing fewer slivers and more useful pieces. The prices are also competitive!

smalti mosaic glass

Affordable 12mm Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile by Elementile

The new line of 12mm Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile has arrived and is our most affordable and easiest to use tile. You will be amazed by how cleanly these tile can be cut into tiny pieces with little or no waste. The colors are intense.

recycled glass mosaic tile 12mm

Prices Reduced on 8mm Elementile and 8mm Iridescent

Our supplier has allowed us to significantly reduce our prices for 8mm Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile and 8mm IRIDESCENT Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile. These are great for making detailed mosaics without the need to cut tile.

recycled glass mosaic tile 8mm

Assortments of Hakatai Glass Mosaic Tile

The new Hakatai Glass Mosaic Tile Color-Family Assortments have arrived and are being sold in the same category and the same 1-pound-bag format as the individual colors.

color-family assortments Hakatai Glass Mosaic Tile

Iridescent Glass Mosaic Tile in "Half Inch"!

Fantastix brand iridescent glass mosaic tile is 15mm (0.59 inch) and sold loose by the half pound, which is approximately 135+ tiles. This "half inch" tile is available in a range of colors, including muted earth tones, so this brand could be used to render images in a photorealistic way.

iridescent glass mosaic tile 1/2 inch Fantastix brand


Hundreds and hundreds of customers emailed us photos of their mosaic art, and we created several pages to showcase some of this incredible artwork.


We now offer premium mosaic art glass assortments in several color families

premium mosaic art glass assortments

We also offer small 6-inch sheets of individual colors of American-made stained glass for cutting and breaking into tile.

American-made stained glass


Our Illustrated Mosaic Instructions page has been augmented with a List of How-To-Mosaic Pages, which are topic specific.

We also have page explaining where to find Inexpensive Mosaic Patterns plus some information on how to transfer and enlarge patterns for creating mosaic artwork.

Our page of Frequently Asked Questions is periodically updated and expanded with new information about how to make mosaics.